Signature pastries

x 30 units
What’s in our miniature desserts
  • 6 square rum babas, whipped cream with Bourbon vanilla
  • 6 rice puddings, whipped cream with Bourbon vanilla and spiced biscuits
  • 6 round praline cream puffs with flaked almonds, Paris-Brest style
  • 6 Breton shortbreads, lemon curd, whipped cream and lemon zest
  • 6 éclairs with chocolate pastry cream, salted butter caramel cream and cocoa nibs
  • Natural flavouring
  • Caramel with salted butter from Brittany

food lovers. Rum babas, rice pudding with spiced biscuits, Paris-Brest cream puffs, lemon tarts and chocolate savoury éclairs are true crowd-pleasers with delectable flavours everyone can agree on. These treats are perfect for serving up with coffee or during a break at a seminar or workshop.

Our mini desserts are piped, filled and assembled by hand in our kitchen.