Catering range

Primel Traiteur offers the best of its savoir-faire through premium cocktail hors d’oeuvres and mini desserts that are all ready to serve up at events or appetiser parties, or to customise as you wish. If you’re a distributor, caterer or event organiser, you’ll know how vital it is to innovate and ensure your products stay in line with new consumer trends. In this section, you’ll find our various product ranges illustrated with a selection of hors d’oeuvres and mini desserts from our catalogue.

  • Hors d’oeuvres

    Our hors d’oeuvres are designed for the taste buds of true food connoisseurs. We adapt to new ways of eating, offering delights such as foie gras bites with fig jam, cheesy bites and colourful vegetarian canapés.

    These delicious, ready-to-serve appetisers are perfect for saving you time when you’re organising a party or dinner buffet.

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  • Miniature desserts

    Our miniature desserts come in mixed or single-flavour packs , and are ideal for serving up at wedding receptions or with coffee after a meal. These sweet petits fours are bursting with authentic yet original flavours that are a true delight to the taste buds. We use premium ingredients like Costa Rican cocoa and Madagascan Bourbon vanilla. Our team are constantly innovating, re-imagining classic French pastries to create recipes that will delight your guests with every single bite.

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  • Catering components

    You can use our culinary components as building blocks, decorating them in your personal style. We also use them in our own recipes. They give you free reign to be creative and leave your own signature! These options make the caterer’s job so much easier – simply pre-fill or top them to create your very own savoury hors d’oeuvres or miniature desserts. The possibilities are endless: why not try smoked salmon blinis with Brive mustard, savoury éclairs with almonds and carrot purée, or mini sponges with praline cream and chopped hazelnuts?

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